The 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses In 2022


The 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses In 2022

We review the pros, cons and pricing for the most popular courses.

Review of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in 2022

The marketing team is the bedrock of many successful businesses. Without them, the sales will struggle to close deals, considerably affecting your organisation's revenue. As a marketer, you must possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform at the optimal level in this highly competitive digital age. 

However, it can be challenging to choose the best digital marketing course in this age where thousands of courses are available, both free and paid. 

We review the top digital marketing courses in 2022 based on course structure, pricing, and pros and cons. Without further ado, let's dive in. 

5 Top Digital Marketing Courses for Marketing Teams

Before investing in digital marketing courses, what stand-out features should you consider? Here are our best digital marketing courses in 2022.

1. CXL

Dubbed as the best marketing education platform, CXL offers a full-package, highly comprehensive marketing course that will rival some university degrees. No wonder they call it CXL Minidegree. It's one of the most robust non-degree digital marketing courses you will find on the internet today. With CXL, you will access 9 specialisations, ranging from brand marketing to conversion optimization, customer acquisition, digital analytics, and others. The platform uses a subscription-based pricing model for the 90+ on-demand marketing courses. The only concern is that these courses are heavy with a specialisation having a minimum of 26 hours and 28 mins to complete.


- $1499.00 per user per year 

- $529.000 per user per quarter

- $289.00 per user per month

All plans come with a 7-day trial for $1.


- Comprehensive courses tailored to marketing professionals at different levels 

- Courses are taught by expert and highly successful business owners and marketers

- Self-paced learning with professional support

- 9 Specialisations packed into one training.

- 90+ courses across different aspects of the data-driven market

- Over 2000 instructions in playbook community with peer support

- 7 days full refund with no questions asked

- Trusted marketing certifications 


- It requires an investment of a minimum of $289 per user per month. 

- The courses are lengthy

- No lifetime access

2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

Google's Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is suitable for new marketers, intermediates, and professionals looking to up their marketing skills. It is a comprehensive range course that covers marketing basics and digs deeper into social media advertising, Google Ads, and online ads placements. The program completion time is 40 hours. However, it offers a self-paced teaching avenue.


- Free  


- It awards you with a certificate upon course completion. It is one of the most stand-out attributes of this course

- The course is accredited by the open university and interactive advertising Bureau

- The Certificate gives a competitive advantage. It’s a badge that signifies your thorough understanding of digital marketing

It offers 26 topics under digital marketing with practical assessments inclusive of:

- How to kick-start a business online

- Web Optimization

- How to locate target customers

- How to effectively promote your business online (LinkedIn ads, Google Ads, PPC)

- Mobile marketing and much more

- It’s a self-paced course that takes 40 hours to complete. You have the choice to finish the course in a few days or stretch it out over a week or two. Don't worry, you can always pick up where you left off


- No comprehensive layout displaying the 26 modules. Participants have to finish a section before they can view the next topic

3. Become a Digital Marketing Specialist by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an arm of LinkedIn. Its digital marketing course is excellent for beginners, intermediates, and   professional marketers looking to learn digital marketing. The course's duration is  18 hours and 53 mins. You'll learn about marketing strategy, SEO mapping, and the general principles that guide digital marketing. 


- Free Payment plan (one month trial)

- $19.99 for a month

- $29.99 for a month


- A comprehensive layout that displays all you’ll be learning

- Practical assessments to test what you’ve learned on the course. Practice ad placement with Google Ads and analytics

- Acquire in-depth knowledge about search engine optimization

- Master social media marketing

- Interactive session: Learn to design marketing material with the Adobe suite

- Learn the basics of pay-per-click (PPC)

- It offers two payment plans

- Awards a certificate for course completion


- Some features are only available in the paid plan

4. Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course

Udemy is one of the most reputable online tutorial platforms, and they offer a complete marketing course with a 30-day refund policy if you are dissatisfied with the service.

Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course is an all-rounder and suitable for anyone, including marketing professionals and business owners looking to expand and train their staff. It covers twelve topics that last 22.5 hours, featuring various topics on Sales, SEO, and website building on WordPress


- $149.99 (Note that Udemy is famous for offering discount prices)


- Learn with practicals how to build a website on WordPress with no coding skills.

- Get lifetime access to any updates on the course.

- Learn and improve your skills from twelve broad topics that include:

- SEO writing

- YouTube marketing

- Market research

- Google Ads and analytics

- LinkedIn marketing and many more.

- Regular discounts offer.


- The subscription fee is above the average range.

5. Coursera Digital Marketing Specialisation Course

Coursera digital marketing specialisation course is another highly-rated digital marketing class suitable for beginners and expert sales professionals who want in-depth knowledge of social and email marketing, web analytics tools, and analysis methods. The course runs for eight months, with a study rule of five hours per day. It’s a compilation of six specialisation courses designed to ensure you thoroughly understand digital marketing concepts. You will be required to complete the entire course before receiving your certificate.


- $79 per month ($360 for the complete program)


- It's suitable for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge of digital marketing

- Free enrollment

- All round detailed teaching with hands-on projects for practical assessment

- Learn how to measure customer’s digital action

- Gain in-depth knowledge of data collection

- Understand analysis construction like a professional

- With your subscription to this course, you can access other Coursera courses

- You get a certificate after course completion


- It is a lengthy course

- You must complete all six-specialisation courses to gain certification

- It's not a self-paced course. Not sticking to the five-hour study rule means the program can take longer than eight months

Our Best Digital Marketing Course Recommendation

Here are our top picks from the five best digital marketing courses. Our selection criteria include the following:

- A comprehensible module of learning

- It is an accredited course

- The program is trustworthy and commands authority

- It's self-paced and allows you to manage your time effectively

- The program offers a potential career progression

Best paid digital marketing course: CXL Marketing Course

Best free digital marketing course: Fundamental of Digital Marketing by Google

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