We make it simple for businesses to run effective digital ads.

Kepla is a digital advertising agency in your pocket. Our tool helps you create, manage and optimise your ads so you can focus on growing your business.

Ad Platforms
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What you get with Kepla

Create effective ad campaigns in minutes

You don't have to worry about going into each ad platform, configuring settings, and structuring your campaigns for success.

Pre-built playbooks and campaign configuration
Launch campaigns across all major platforms
Dynamic and standard campaign creation
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We automatically optimise your campaigns

Let our proprietary Kepla AI  optimise your campaigns based on a number of factors like channel, location, objective & more.

Relevant campaign alerts & performance predictions
Dynamically redistribute budget by channel
Automatically funnel spend into your best ads
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Instant reporting at your fingertips

Get insights into what channels, campaigns and ads are performing the best, and how you stack up against other advertisers.

Central dashboard overview & report creation
Weekly & monthly reporting email summaries
Campaign performance benchmarking
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Get access to digital
marketing experts

Get tailored strategy, advice, tactics and help on how to grow your business and get the most out of your digital advertising efforts.

Digital marketing specialist support
Ongoing strategy, advice and tactics
One-on-one catch ups to discuss performance
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Digital advertising made easy

Save time, money, and take control of your digital advertising. We've made it incredibly easy to create, manage, optimise and report across all of your digital advertising.

Full Campaign Creation

Create campaigns across multiple advertising channels in a single workflow.

Multi Channel Reporting

Integrated reporting to understand the performance of your campaigns.

Kepla Predict

We'll predict the performance of your campaigns, alert you to potential changes and provide recommendations.

Audience Management (coming soon)

Connect your CRM or upload customer lists to create powerful audiences.

(coming soon)

Know how your campaigns are performing compared to others and how to improve.

Who's Kepla for?

Run impactful campaigns,
no matter your experience

Marketing Teams

  • Simplified campaign workflow
  • All-in-one campaign management
  • Ad preview generation & collaboration
  • Audience management
  • Automated optimisations
  • Multi-channel reporting
  • Predicted campaign performance


  • Streamlined campaign creation
  • Multi organisation management
  • White labelling (optional add-on)
How it works

It takes just 1 minute to set up

1. Create account

We just need a few details from you to create an account, or sign up with your Google or Meta account

2. Link ad accounts

Connect all of your ad accounts to Kepla in a couple of clicks and configure relevant social pages and settings

3. Run campaigns

Start creating campaigns using dynamic or standard ad formats, and launch them across multiple channels at once

Support you can count on

Support at your fingertips, resources to get the most out of your marketing, and strategies to run effective campaigns and help grow your business online.

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See how you can setup Kepla for your businesses and touch base with our team to help you get started

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Resources & Tools

Explore a bunch of resources that will help you improve your digital marketing and help you run successful campaigns

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Community Slack

Join our community slack channel and talk with other people who are passionate about digital marketing and get inspiration

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