We make it easy for anyone to run great digital ad campaigns, whether you're starting out or are a digital marketing pro.

Campaign Creation

Create impactful
multi-channel campaigns

Streamlined Workflow

A single campaign creation workflow to create campaigns across all major platforms

Dynamic & Standard Ads

Choose between both dynamic ad formats or upload your own ads to fit each platform and medium

Campaign Objectives

Use existing pre built campaign objectives and campaign settings to help achieve your campaign goals

Campaign Management

Simplify your campaign workflow

Dashboard Overview

See how your marketing is performing in a simple dashboard, giving you the ability to dive further

Easily Edit Campaigns

Quickly update the messaging, images and assets of your campaign in a couple of clicks

Manage Assets, Forms & More

Coming Soon

Upload and manage all of your  assets in the asset library, create and manage lead forms, and more

Audience Management

Manage all of your audiences in one place

Connect To CRM or Upload

Coming Soon

Upload customer lists or connect to popular CRMs such as Hubspot and create your ideal audiences

Share Across Channels

Coming Soon

Instantly share across channels so you can run campaigns wherever your audiences happens to be

Audience Reporting

Coming Soon

Dive into what audiences are performing the best across your different campaigns and channels


Understand campaign performance at a glance

Share Your Success

Share access to your reports, or send scheduled reports to various stakeholders in just a few clicks

Multi Channel Reporting

Easily break down campaign performance by channels, demographics and other segments.

Pre Built Reports

Access prebuilt reports built by digital marketing specialists, saving you heaps of time

Managing your clients digital advertising has never been easier

Create, manage, plan and automate your digital advertising from Kepla.

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