Your digital advertising command centre

Manage all of your clients digital ads in one place. Kepla allows you to create, manage, optimise, and report across all of your clients activity, taking care of optimisation, freeing up your team's time and helping you grow your agency.

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Lightning fast multi-channel ad creation

Quickly launch campaigns and ad variants across multiple channels, invite clients into their own account for sign off on campaigns, and more.

  • Campaign playbooks to help you reach certain objectives
  • Simple campaign creation workflow
  • Multi-channel ad creation and management
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Predict ad performance into the future

Get ahead of the optimisation curve by knowing when campaign performance is likely to decline allowing you to  quickly respond and act on our recommended actions.

  • Campaign recommendations & alerts
  • Campaign optimisation across all channels
  • Proprietary AI (KeplaPredict) to anticipate a decrease in performance and recommend changes
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Streamline your agencies digital ad workflow with a single tool

We have all the tools to make it easy to manage all of your clients ads in place, and knowing when you should optimise your campaigns.

Multi-channel Ad Creation

Create ads across multiple channels in the same workflow, saving you time.

Holistic reporting overview

Get access to a multi-client reporting overview, helping you manage budgets and more.


Proactively respond to expected changes in performance and outcompete other agencies.

Account Manager

You'll get a dedicated account manager to help support your growth.


Know how your clients stack up against others with our benchmarking tools.


Easily manage clients and grow your agency

Create multiple accounts underneath your agency organisations, manage client budgets, share access and get a holistic overview of your entire agency performance.

  • Multi-client reporting overview and budget pacing
  • Configure dashboards and reporting for each client
  • Share insights and campaigns for approval (coming soon)
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Start running better ads today

Let our proprietary Kepla AI optimise your campaigns based on a number of factors like channel, location, objective & more.

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Advice & Help

Put your campaign admin on autopilot

We can help assist the client setup process, configuring the correct tracking and measurement, helping set up campaigns and more.

  • Get a dedicated account manager to help support your business, and get the most out of Kepla
  • technical assistance to help onboard clients
  • We'll help setup or troubleshoot the tracking and measurement of your clients campaigns
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How It Works

It takes just 1 minute to set up

Create account

We just need a few details from you to create an account, or sign up with your Google or Meta account

Link ad accounts

Connect all of your ad accounts to Kepla in a couple of clicks and configure relevant social pages and settings

Run campaigns

Start creating campaigns using dynamic or standard ad formats, and launch them across multiple channels at once

Running effective campaigns has never been easier for businesses

You don't have to worry about going into each ad platform, configuring settings, and structuring your campaigns for success.

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