Campaign Creation


Campaign Creation

Learn how to setup a multichannel campaign in Kepla by following our step by step guide.

How to setup a multichannel campaign

For this example, we’ll use a Drive Traffic campaign, which is the perfect way to get people to visit your website and the easiest campaign type to run. This campaign type optimises towards encouraging users to click on the ad so they can check out your website or landing page. For example, this could be a contact page allowing the customer to immediately contact you or fill out an enquiry form.

Step 1 - Choose a campaign goal

Choosing the correct campaign type is your first task if you’re unsure which to run, learn more here.

Step 2 - Campaign overview

Name your campaign, something simple that describes your goal to help with reporting. (eg Campaign Goal- Drive Traffic  - Date)


  • Untick the ad platforms you don’t want to use.
  • Change the Objective with the dropdown menu

Step 3 - Campaign details

Next, Choose a start and end date or “Ongoing campaign” if you want the campaign to auto-renew each month.

Monthly spend: choose an amount or enter it in the custom box (This will renew each month with an ongoing campaign)

Budget allocation: The budget will be split evenly between the ad platforms automatically. Or type in a new percentage.

Step 4 - Audience and location

Next, select the locations you wish to target, this can be chosen by Country, State or Region, Suburb, and, Zip Code (Post Code)

Tips: Consider how many people live in the location you’re targeting, as you don’t want it to be too narrow. An audience that is too narrow will not reach many people and your campaign may not get any leads or enquiries.

Demographic targeting: simply select the age range you wish to target and the Gender. In this case, we will leave it as broad as possible.

Tips: Consider who your target audience is for your campaign

Audience targeting: click ‘Edit audiences’ and select the audiences that best suit your campaign goals. Try to be as broad as possible by selecting as many relevant audiences as possible.

Audience targeting: In the popup menu, use the dropdown's or the search to find and select audiences.

Step 5 - Create ads

It’s time to create your ads, simply click ‘Create ad’ under the Meta or Google headings.

Tips: You can save and edit the campaign later by closing the page in the top right

See our guides on how to create each ad type:

Review Campaign: Once you've finished creating all your ads select next. This will take you to the final stage with a brief overview, when ready click 'Launch Campaign' to start your campaign.

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