Kepla Academy

Take your digital advertising to the next level with hands on training run by the experts

Training & Education

We are a bunch of digital marketing wizards at heart and want to help pass on our knowledge to businesses looking for training across a bunch of different areas. We’ll help you plan out an ideal digital advertising strategy for your business, show you how to set up measurement tools to help you determine the success of your campaigns, and more.

Meet Your Instructor

Our co-founder, Jonty Hodge, will be your digital advertising instructor for the training courses. With 8+ years experience in the digital world, Jonty has worked with across a range of small businesses right through to enterprises with $2m+ digital media spend. He’ll guide you through the foundations of how to set up your campaigns for success and what you need to measure to understand your marketing performance.

Training & Course Options

We operate a number of workshops and training sessions to help you up skill across the digital marketing fundamentals, tracking your campaigns for success, and best approaches to generate leads, sales and other business outcomes.